We are seeking for a camera operator trainee who is ready to learn and master the craft of shooting feature movies then immediately begin working for one of our film making outfits as a Camera Operator. I would prefer someone 17 -25 years of age male of female. Training will be provided at no cost with the agreement that the trainee will begin to work once trained. Send us an email if interested in more info.


“Making it Lantawood” a Reality Show about building our own movie industry in Atlanta, Georgia

Makig it Lantawood

“Namso Akpan, fueled with the conviction that “if you build it, they will come” sets out with his team to spread the good news about the unlimited opportunities Lantawood, our own movie industry brings to talents, businesses and the Atlanta community. Watch are we recruit, develop and inspire the creation of viable and sustainable film jobs in Atlanta.


  1. To create an open forum of showing the true realities of the growing film industry in Atlanta and Georgia in general.
  2. Expose what has been hidden: Come with us behind the careers of actors, industry workers, producers, talent, investors and community makers and breakers as we spread the reality of growing your our own film industry.

“Over the years, I have wished I had a camera recording what was actually going on around our building LANTAWOOD. The lies, the self-doubt, the jealousy and most importantly the successes. Now we will attempt to make sense out of it all” ….Namso Akpan, Executive Producer

Abraham Wesley, Michelle Smith and Barin Kardashian

TO WATCH: “Making it Lantawood” will be available for on demand viewing on Thucooi™ Platform from March 20 2016.

MORE INFO?  Send you email to info@lantawood.org .


The AAgency, seeking serious actors for “Last Night”


As we celebrate the release of “Karnal Knowledge” this month, Atlanta Filmworks is inviting great actors to the casting of another movie to be produced from the last week of February.
The audition will be hosted by Alicia Felton of “The AAgency”. Seeking serious actors only. No experience needed but you must be serious as an actor and be ready to consistently try out for several roles in several films. Our main focus is to ensure our actors can be morphed into “brands”.
If you are “just looking for an opportunity to get in a film for amateurish reasons, this is not for that type of opportunity. The AAgency is seeking careers minded actors only. This film is already contracted for distribution on Thucooi™ Platform so we must get it done on time.

1. Edward Williams is 30 years old and is interested in running for council for one of Atlanta’s urban area. Edward always carries a specific candy with him. He is smart and mental stable.
2. Stan Williams is 25 and the younger brother to Edward. He is a Medical Student and has a girlfriend named Michelle.
3. Michelle is around 25 and is a wannabe actor who moved from LA to Atlanta is search of a career. She is mentally unstable and bipolar.
4. Janice Marcus is a 30 something year old woman. She is very quiet in her demeanor with a beautiful smile. She suffers from schizophrenia.
5. Mr. Miller is a 50 -60 year old a community activist and father to Edward and Stan. He is a no nonsense father who’s grown kids are still afraid of.
6. Mrs. Miller is a 50 -60 year old mother, wife and Christian woman. Her main focus in life if her 2 sons finding themselves good wives.
7. Little one – 15-18 year old brother or sister to Edward and Stan. Does not like the fact that he or she is the youngest child in the family. Is also a total android addict.

Date: Thursday, February 18 at 7 PM – 9 PM
Venue: Johnny M’s Pizza Bistro 904 Martin Luther King Junior Dr SW Atlanta, GA 30318




Atlanta, Georgia – February 9, 2016 – “Even with the film industry booming in Atlanta, sustainable film jobs are still hard to find, so the logical alternative is to create them” according to Lantawood founder, Namso Akpan.
While working in the industry over the last decade, it has been impossible not to notice the abundance of talent and the deficit of opportunity in the entertainment industry.
It is easy to make a movie, and many “home grown” producers are doing just that. But without a viable career path, the journey to Hollywood can be as uncertain as finding a needle in a haystack. Eventually, the journey is abandoned as “just a dream” because the realities of this industry have not been favorable for the indie film maker.
“With today’s technology, it is easy for anyone to showcase their talent or completed film. By also giving film makers a leveled playing field in marketing and distribution, while celebrating our industry’s high achievers, we are certain to motivate a sustainable workforce and create a lasting impact on unemployment in our urban communities”, says Mr. Akpan.
In recent months, more and more people are moving to the urban communities around College Park, East Point and Atlanta and are seeking film industry related jobs. Experts believe this trend will continue for as long as the tax incentives continue. Unfortunately, Mr. Akpan feels that the viability of the industry in Georgia cannot be left just to the efforts of the government, “we must continue striving to make our industry sustainable now or face the possible losses of the opportunities and infrastructure we have developed over the years, if and when Hollywood leaves Georgia. Urban communities are the bedrock of talent and our next few months will be focused on harvesting this talent so as to chisel out brand new gems.”
Namso Akpan is the Managing Director of FilmTrax LLC. His company is a pioneer in utilizing Atlanta’s growing film industry as the catalyst for developing opportunities and jobs in Atlanta and beyond.


Influence of a Minor completed in record time

  • Team2
  • Namso_Influence1
  • Dsc04730
  • Dsc04774
  • Dsc04724

Our December film”Influence of a Minor” completed in record time.

We thank all our donors, sponsors and helpers including Mr. Jerry King, Diamond Goar, Alim Jaami, Ms.Alishia in Villa Rica, the parents of Jahseyne Eccleston and Diamond Jordan and the many actors and crew who helped turn that sensational script into a feature film. Influence of a Minor will be released in February 2016.

THE NEXT FEATURE FILM: “90 Days to the Crown”


Production Company: Westside Pictures

Exec. Producer: Namso Akpan

Casting Date -Now till February 15th 2016


On the west side of town, Susan has just ended a troubling relationship when Rico comes into her life. She promises never to “rush into things” again and begins to date with a 6 month rule. On the East side, Henry is stuck in a “going nowhere” relationship with Julie. Notwithstanding his personal situation, Henry becomes a relationship adviser to Mary who is 38 and anxious to get married before she turns 40. Can Henry’s method help Mary find that husband of her dreams in 90 days?

To audition or be considered for a role in this film, email ATTENTION: The Producer, 90DaysTTC at info@localfilmjobs.org .


The Bluff, After the Snow in gas stations before christmas

The Bluff, After the Snow 1&2



The wait is over! From Dec, 15th, FilmTrax will be releasing a new Lantawood  movie every month through a network of gas stations and convenience stores throughout Atlanta and the South. And to public delight, the first movie scheduled for release is the popular hood saga known as the Bluff. In this release called “After the Snow 1&2” it features comedian Kevin Rollinson, Shemika Cannady, Newnan Georgia attorney  Michael Kam, Herb Storyteller Ihenacho, exotic dance Millian Candice Turner, Atlanta actress  Audrena C. Howell, Atlanta DJ Marc Williams and another undiscovered Atlanta actor Alim Jaami,

Promotions by ‪#‎atlaccess Production by‪#‎saveanigafilms‬ Casting by ‪#‎TheAAgency‬

We thank all our die hard supporters who have helping us get to the promise land with “our own movie industry” ‪#‎lantawood‬ . Here is Movie Number 1…….. ‪#‎TheBluffAftertheSnow‬ featuring

tianna1 THE ACTORS The Blufbaby sally2 duke1 demi1 audrena1 cannady1 cort3 cortez1 cott_sally1 namso


The AAGency, the agent with guarantees

tI am launching a new talent agency exclusively for the next line of Atlanta’s acting talent who have what it takes (talent, attitude, creativity & availability) to get to the next level.I i am calling it “The Agency”

1. No more auditioning for acting roles….I will develop movies based on your talent and your unique selling points.
2. Be billed with the best roles to highlight your talent and get your career moving fast.
3. Guaranteed minimum of 6 feature films during the first 12 months under The Agency.
4. The Agency actors are contracted only to starring and co-starring roles.
5. Full career guidance and all the help the law allows to make you a brand in Atlanta within months of launching your career.
6. Guaranteed monthly income so that you can pay your bills

HOW TO JOIN The Agency
Unfortunately, signing up under The Agency is reserved only for proven talent and is by invitation only.
To be considered, an actor must be cast in at least one Lantawood movie, and must show that they are talented, dependable and loyal.
“The Agency” will be a small but very powerful acting agency in Atlanta.

As an actor, you need someone ready and willing to invest time and money to build or develop your image and career as an ACTOR. That is what I love to do, that is why I founder LANTAWOOD years ago, and that is what I am going to do to create new STARS in ATLANTA….

I will also need a Talent Manager/Coordinator to manage these new superstars we are about to create.




Lantawood is on a membership drive, and we invite all non acting talent to give our system a 90 day trial. My personal promise is that it will change your career status in 90 days.
Yes I said 90 days, but remember that I have been developing, testing and fine tuning this system since 2006 (see www.localfilmjobs.org).
now i am ready to help you turn your Hollywood dream into a sustainable, viable, money making reality.
It has been done in Nigeria (Nollywood), Now it is time to do it in Atlanta (Lantawood).
Train for a few days and get to work, living your passion!
*Producers and Directors interested in launching and managing their own film production companies.
*Camera Operators ready for training and employment making films.
*Production Assistants ready for training and employment or partnership with Producers
*Marketers and Distributors ready for training and employment or partnerships.
*Talent Managers interested in recruiting, managing and developing talent for our industry.
Every opportunity has the potential of a life time….but it will take you only 90 days to see if it works for you.
And your total investment in this? $50 only for registering as a member of our association…..so we can keep the goods coming..
Because over the last 8 years I have developed and tested a system which today is the foundation of a sustainable viable film industry. NOW all I need now is your help running this machine and picking up the proceeds, come and make money with me. Join us at http://www.lantawood.org/join-lantawood


Lantawood Talent of the Month – February 2015 Winner – Denise Blackman

denise_blackmanA few weeks ago, we launched the “Talent of the Month” award and promised to award the hardest promoting actor with the “Talent of the Month Award”.

We announced that the Lantawood Talent of the Month would be that actor who acquires the highest number votes at the end of the voting period. This month’s voting ended on Feb 28th 2015……and the winner is DENISE BLACKMAN!!!!

As we had promised, the Talent of the Month for February 2015 wins a starring role in a Lantawood movie…..That means Denise Blackman is going to be staring in the film “Influence of a Minor”which goes into production in April 2015.
As the talent of the month, Denise will also have the opportunity of casting (1) one supporting actor for the movie.

Congratulations Denise for a job well done.

The next Talent of the month contest will begin March 18th 2015.

Thank you for reading, voting and helping us promote our actors.

VOTE from March 18th – 31st at http://www.lantawood.org/talent/totm